Dar Al Hokoomeh Project

I met DAH Project's founders - Milad and Mohsen back in 2014, while still managing an art gallery in Shiraz. I was very unfamiliar with Digital Arts, and struggling with questions such as "What is the next step in the progression of art?". Meeting them and getting to know Digital Arts through their works was like an epiphany. Art has been always in direct relation to the social, political, cultural and technological substrata of its age. In this digital, post-internet era, it'd be only natural for Digital Arts to become an ever more crucial part of the art world.


DAH is a non-profit project dedicated to exploring and expanding Digital and Media arts. Throughout the years, their dedication and quality of work, and the fact that their visions and ideals fit so well with those of mine, convince me that a partnership with them would be a great opportunity. As such, Folder Foundation has begun sponsoring them in their endeavors since early 2017.



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