Folder Foundation

The Folder Foundation was established in 2017 by Ali Khadivar, an art investor and entrepreneur. It is an art sponsorship initiative focused on supporting and promoting emerging artists who are mostly - but not exclusively - active in the field of digital and new media arts. It aims to provide them with the education and the equipment they need for further developing themselves as artists. Furthermore, it plans on establishing a location-independent community of and for such artists, to facilitate the exchange of ideas, experiences, and expertise between them. The foundation also aims to explore the financial possibilities of the digital art market, and to help and guide digital and new media artists towards establishing a sustainable career out of their craft. The Folder Foundation is the first in a series of planned projects, initiatives, and organisations founded by Mr Khadivar in order to explore artistic, social, cultural, educational, technological, and the financial possibilities and intricacies of the digital, post internet era. Upon completion, this inter-related network of organisations are supposed to feed off of, and support each other in order to find optimal ways of integrating digital based cultural and technological products into everyday human life.

Welcome To Folder Foundation

Promoting and Supporting Digital & New Media Arts In Iran & The Middle East